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RosAlInt - Rostock Alumni International Connecting International Alumni
Connecting International Alumni and Strategy Workshop –Cancelled-

Unfortunately, we have to postpone the event to summer 2023 because of some unexpected organisational problems. It is a pity. We know you were looking forward to reconnect to you Alma Mater—and so were we.

However, this is not the end of RosAlInt and your relation to Rostock. We are going to organise a new alumni event next year and we will keep you updated about it.

Event Alumni Network - 25.09.2022 to 28.09.2022

Were you an exchange student at the University of Rostock years ago or did you teach or research as part of a project? Or have you just finished your studies and now realise that you have lost track of your fellow students?

Whatever situation applies to you - if you consider the University of Rostock a part of your past and think fondly of this time, you should become part of the alumni network of our alma mater. You will see that it is worthwhile to revive old contacts with former fellow students, academics and colleagues as well as to make new ones. Let yourself be inspired and bring in fresh ideas! Benefit from professional relationships and private contacts! To meet former alumni is first and foremost a perfect opportunity to use an existing network that needs to be made visible!

Event programme

With this goal in mind, the Rostock International House of the University of Rostock presents the second alumni event of the new alumni initiative RosAlInt (Rostock Alumni International). We are looking forward to welcoming students from all over the world: former students and doctoral candidates as well as former visiting scholars and participants of summer schools and exchange programmes, etc. We would like to give you the opportunity to help shape this new international alumni network by contributing your own concepts, exchanging opinions and perspectives, and making new contacts or refreshing old ones.

Together with you, we want to further develop RosAlInt and carry the spirit of the University of Rostock into the world. Tell us about your experiences at the University of Rostock, why it is a special place for you and how it has influenced your path. Bring your own topics into the Open Space. On the second day of the event, we will produce videos in which you tell about your time and help others decide on Rostock.

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Our kick-off-event will take place on Wednesday 24th November and Thursday 25th November 2021, fully digitally, and with live streamed sessions. You will benefit from exclusive workshops in English and German, and you will be able to deepen your knowledge, learn skills and acquire new information and insights. You will experience first-hand how to strategically and successfully network and how to develop your own career as well as to get to know best practice models of the international alumni work, in particular in Korea, USA and Germany, supported by the expertise of these countries as well as by the DAAD (Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst).

Motivational international professionals and successful scholars of the University of Rostock and beyond are scheduled to give talks, to host interactive and fun workshops, and take part in roundtable discussions. And so can you! Don‘t miss out on this great opportunity and join us now - you won‘t regret it!

Sunday, 25.09.2022



Boat trip on the Warnow to Warnemünde

18.30 Uhr

Joint dinner at "Alter Fritz”




Welcome by the Rector


Current developments


Getting to know each other




Internationalisation strategy of the University of Rostock


Presentation of the RosAlInt Initiative and Orga Programme




Workshop: Workshop: What makes Rostock a special place?

Workshop: Open Space Worskshop




Exchange of experiences: What role does Germany and German play in my home country?


Exchange with students


Dinner together

Tuesday, 27.09.2022


Pick up from the hotel


Campus tour and best practice


Lunch at “Mensa Süd”


Workshop: How can I find my role as an alumnus?




Testimonials: My time in Rostock




Let's stay in touch - what's next?


Joint dinner - barbecue